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Advisory Board

Operating since 2008, Lakebound’s vision is to use a sense of “place” to foster common ground, healing, and connection. We strive for inclusivity in all we do as a company, and as a member of the world community. Through our map-themed products we offer a memory, a celebration, or a connection to place. Lakebound started as a one-woman operation and we are now a small but mighty team of five part-time contract workers. By building an Advisory Board from a carefully selected group of people, we are looking forward to broadening our scope and opportunities.

The main purpose of Lakebound’s Advisory Board will be to provide advice about the direction the company should follow. Specific goals for this year include improving brand strategy development and creating an outreach plan that more clearly showcases our values around diversity and equity so that we can continue building a more inclusive community.


Lakebound Advisory Board Bios and Photos 



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