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"Today I want a bag of Mikesells potato chips - a good bag has a touch more salt, big light-colored chips that pop when your lips meet them; a warm piece of sharp cheddar cheese, an ice-cold Coca Cola in a bottle in my hand as I am surrounded by the smell of boat fuel, mahogany wood and Tennessee lake water lapping at my feet.  I'm wriggling my toes off the back, watching the sheen of a little oil glimmer like a skin on the blue-green. I'll even take the tinge of must kicked up when I grab my damp lifejacket from under the seat. I love the sound of vinyl pulling off of wood. Dick Pope Juniors sliding across the side - careful not to scratch.  The distinct smack a ski makes when it hits the water just right and glides to its master.  The chatter of my family ... who's skiing first? Don't drip on me! Can I drive? There's a knot in the rope. Put the cooler lid down. Prop clear? Grab the handle...knees bent, skis up up....HIT IT!"

-Amy Gustin Allen

Photo by Teresa Cooper


Tags: boating. dock. lake life. lakebound. lakebound maps. summer. waterski.

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