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Photo credit: Nancy DiDonato

Every morning, without fail, Nancy DiDonato gets up before dawn and takes her trusty camera out to take photos of her beloved Trout Lake in NY. She's not a famous Instagrammer, or trying to sell anything; she's simply someone who loves her lake and captures its beauty whether it's raining, sunny, sleeting or so grey it looks like a black and white photo. I am not sure how long she's been doing it, but she is one of my favorite people to follow on social media. 

I've never met anyone as dedicated to her lake as Nancy. We made her a Trout Lake barrel end as a thank you for sharing her amazing photos. This one is from last week. The trees around Trout Lake are beginning to change and summer is waning. Fall is my favorite season, so this is definitely in my top 10 favorites. At least, so far....

Happy fall everyone.  See you at the lake.



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