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I love the "new" Treasure Island in Troy, Ohio.  It's remarkable  how memories belonging to a 6 year-old (now grown) still remain: a mahogany Chris Craft wooden boat sportster with the 350 Chevy engine carving out the river. Feeling the apprehension as we turned too close to the dam. Thinking the swirling water looked like chocolate milk because I had yet to see a Tennessee lake. The old boat club with ice-cold glass bottles of Coke in the old style red top metal cooler. Being careful not to cut my feet on rip top pop cans, or step on a bumble bee. Looking up at those unfailing, formidable old giant trees and being so comforted they at least, along with old McGills, are still there ... swaying back and forth and blowing youth through my hair. My daddy knew how to have a good time on very little. And for that I am very thankful.

-Amy Gustin Allen


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